How to attract customers to shop from your online store: Proven strategies for success

how to attract customers to your online store
(Last Updated On: February 2, 2024)

How to attract customers to online store? How do you make them fall in love at first sight? Can you make them stay and make a purchase?

Yes, you can. Well, it is possible by giving your online store the personality it deserves.

It is tough to keep online audiences satisfied with your online store. So, in a world of over a million online eCommerce websites, you need to grab their attention. Therefore, nowadays, stores have features like:

  • Shipping software for better sales cycle management
  • Feasible web hosting
  • Google and social media ranking facilities

With such readily available tools, anyone can start an eCommerce website in minutes. However, competition is tight, and you could get lost in the milieu of stores trying to make an impression.

Fortunately, by giving your store a worthy personality, you could not just get customers, but keep them for a long time. Pretty landing pages and two-step payment checkout processes come second!

Customers in this day and age want intimacy with your brand. Personalization, a story that makes them connected to what you are selling. A blend of the perfect content, design, and product information is enough to have customers interested in more than just the prices.

So what do the best online stores do to stand out and attract their customers? They proceed with the strategy to attract online customers. 

If you too are curious to know, let’s have a look at this with the next segment.

How to attract customers to online store?

With so many choices at their fingertips, getting customers to notice your online store is like being the life of the digital party. But don’t worry, we’ve got the ultimate steps and options that you could use to attract the customers to your online store. 

1. Optimize your website

Think of your website as your store’s front window. It should be inviting and easy to navigate. Clear categories, a simple search bar, and a design that’s easy on the eyes go a long way. And don’t forget, so many people shop on their phones these days, so make sure your website looks just as good on mobile devices.

2. High-quality content

Your products need a spotlight. Write product descriptions that are easy to understand and defines your products. Highlight the benefits and features in a way that makes customers feel like they absolutely need it in their lives. Oh, and good-quality images are like a virtual touch and feel – show your products from every angle.

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3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever wonder how people find stuff online? That’s where SEO comes in. Research the words people use to find products like yours and sprinkle them naturally throughout your website. And those little snippets you see in search results? That’s your meta tags and descriptions – make them catchy!

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4. Content marketing

Blogging isn’t just for sharing recipes and travel stories. Start a blog related to your products or industry. This shows you know your stuff and helps people find your store while they’re searching for info.

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5. Social media engagement

Social media isn’t just for sharing memes – it’s a powerful tool for your store. Find out where your potential customers hang out online and get chatty. Share cool content, behind-the-scenes peeks, and run fun contests. Make your social media a party they don’t want to miss!

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6. Influencer partnerships

Ever tried a product because your favourite YouTuber recommended it? That’s the power of influencers. Team up with folks who have a following that fits your target audience. Their shoutout can get a lot of eyes on your store.

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7. Email marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted email. Get people to sign up by offering them something cool, like a discount or a helpful e-book. Then, send them personalized emails showcasing your products. It’s like inviting them to a virtual shopping spree.

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8. Customer reviews and testimonials

When you go to a restaurant, you often check reviews, right? The same goes for online shopping. Show off those customer reviews like badges of honour. And when customers share their own photos and experiences, repost them! It’s like a friend recommending something awesome.

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Tricks to attract customers to online store

Ever caught yourself wondering, “How on earth do I make my online store grab people’s attention and get them to actually shop?” Hey, we’ve all been there! Well, guess what? You’re about to dive into a goldmine of tips and tricks that’ll answer that exact question. 

1. Attract customers with minimalism

When a customer visits your online store for the first time, do not overload them with information on the first page alone.

The customer gets confused, and they directly land on your products tab and forget to know you better as a brand. Place your best products, offers towards the end of your store page and use high-definition photos to showcase your products. 

Here in HR Digistore the home page is seen very minimal and soothing to the eyes. You can opt for these type of minimal designs to keep your customers engaged on your site as well.

2. Believe in the power of social media 

Once you launch your online store, spread the word on social media. Use your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even WhatsApp groups to tell people about your store. A tip – run social media competitions and offer a discount to winners or first-time buyers on your store.

Share your products with friends and family, make it a chain of posting about products. Share about your product through word of mouth as well as. Meeting new people and sharing who you are and what you do with them is the best approach to increase brand awareness. 

By displaying your industry knowledge, you can create curiosity and even buzz, which can help you attract new clients and increase business from existing customers.

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Yes, social media is a vast universe of brands and companies trying to sell products and services? So how can you stand out?

3. Authentic product information

A common mistake made by small business online store owners is giving incomplete information about their products. Most of the customer fail to understand the product description of the item, if it isn’t given enough information.

Give this a lot of importance the next time you design your online store or revamp it. Provide detailed information about the products you sell, create subcategories and add a snippet of ‘how it works’ if required.

Do not leave your customers scrambling for the FAQs page or asking your customer care for minor doubts.

For instance, Slurp factory is coming up with Christmas offers & has various types of cake but mostly focus on Rum cake.

how to attract customers to your online store

Catchy descriptions can catch the attention of the customers. Making sure that the interpretation of the product is simple and understandable to the customer so that they want to buy your products. Read more about writing good product descriptions that make more sales.

4. Keep providing new features/products

Consumers and B2B purchasers mostly use online searches to discover new firms. Therefore, you need a perfect website in order for people to find you. Make modifications to your online store cyclically, and invest in a good research method to see what is new.

For example, at Instamojo, we noticed an increased number of abandoned cart customers. To find out who those customers are, we developed the Leads Manager app on our store that collects the information of dropped-off buyers.

We are not saying you should develop new products on a store interface, but it’s a good idea to set up your store on a platform that constantly improves their interface.

A tip from our marketing team – Do not force people to register on your website or eCommerce website. Allow them the option to sign in as a guest.

When you create an online store, ensure there is an availability of a mobile app to make changes and updates on the go. 

Track sales and user actions on the go. If you see a pattern shift in the way online stores are doing their design, they are probably keeping up with what customers currently want.

This could mean a better UX experience, fewer offers and more quality products or simply, free shipping.

5. Promote and edit product reviews

Customers rely on product reviews before making a purchase on your eCommerce website. Because social proof is so persuasive, your business is more likely to attract new customers if others are praising it.

This is not new information, but a consistent feedback cycle about your products helps others who are first-timers to your store. A good product review will boost sales for your products.

Leave well-written testimonials right on your home page. Link your website to the positive feedbacks for more traffic to your business.

Genuine reviews by loyal customers or those who visited your site through a friends referral help new customers believe in your brand just a little faster. Once the customers gain trust, and spread the word, you can understand that your business is going around.

An attractive store is one thing, but creating a quality brand customers want to talk about, is another.

6. Re-engage with existing customers

Make sure your contact list of old clients is up-to-date, and reach out to them if you haven’t sold to them in a while. Decide which clients you haven’t visited in six months and establish a regular schedule to visit them (e.g., every three months).

A message or an email marketing message of “We miss you” and an incentive, such as a deal or promotion, will encourage them to return.

Source: Basil Tree

7. Ask your customers to refer your business

Utilize a customer’s loyalty by requesting recommendations once you have their loyalty. One of the finest ways to get new consumers is through existing clients. Nevertheless, you cannot just wait for friends, family, and coworkers to invite themselves to your business.

Get your happy customers to aggressively recommend your company by developing a systemized strategy.

Include actions that encourage referrals in your sales process. Send a follow-up email to clients to ensure they are satisfied with their purchases, and then ask for referrals. If the sale price justifies it, think about providing incentives.

Craft Your Online Store Using Instamojo

We hear you! The next time you want to sell your products on an easy go-to platform, consider the Instamojo premium online store. Our advanced features keep in mind all the needs of small businesses selling products and services in the digital world.

Here are features that help you attract customers:

  • Use our SMS and email campaigns to reach out to more customers
  • Manage and customise your online store with over 20+ themes, custom domains and mailbox
  • Collect leads with the leads manager app
  • Use wholesale and referral discounts and SEO marketing tools for campaigns.

Attracting customers to your store is the first step, but maintaining a good eCommerce website with clean design and information ensures they stick around for a while or even make a purchase.

Make a smart call for a healthy business!


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