3 Instamojo features that offer customisation and personalisation

Instamojo personalisation and customisation
(Last Updated On: March 2, 2024)

It is an insanely competitive world for digital brands.  To stay relevant and ahead of your competitors, you need to be irresistible to your customers. Personalisation and customisation are the two methods eCommerce brands use to sell online successfully.

When customers feel that a brand understands their needs and preferences, they are likelier to develop a sense of loyalty and affinity towards that brand.

Not to mention – offering customisations is the easiest way to stand apart in any market!

How does Instamojo help you in creating unforgettable experiences?

Read on!

But first – a brief explanation of personalisation and customisation 


Personalization is when a brand makes things specifically for you based on what they know about you. It’s like having a friend who knows your favourite colour, so they always give you gifts in that colour.

For example, when you visit an online store and it shows you products similar to ones you’ve looked at before, that’s personalization. It’s like the store saying, “Hey, we noticed you liked these shoes, maybe you’ll like these too.


Customization is when you get to choose how you want something to be. It’s like going to an ice cream shop and picking your favourite flavour and toppings.

For example, if you can design your phone case by choosing the colour, and pattern, and adding your initials, that’s customization. It’s about making something uniquely yours.

What is the difference? 

  • Personalization is when a company uses the information they know about you to make suggestions or recommendations tailored to your interests and preferences.
  • Customization is when you have the freedom to choose and design something according to your own tastes and preferences.

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Create the best shopping experiences on Instamojo 

At Instamojo, we help eCommerce businesses find their voice! Here are the features that you must know about if you want to convince your customer to finish their purchase from you.

1. Custom fields 

If you sell products online on Instamojo, you can now add “Custom Fields” to your product pages. Depending upon the nature of the customization (it could be a date, text, image and more), you can enable fields for the customer to fill in their custom details.

Here is an example of a brand on Instamojo using the Custom Field feature:

Live for Decor is a home decor D2C brand. When placing an order, customers can put in a message for their loved one, choose a gift box and more!

Personalisation and customisation at Instamojo

2. Product Bundles 

With Instamojo, grow your revenues by simply selling more products in one transaction. When a customer is looking at a particular product page or is on the checkout page, “product bundles’ lets you show other products that the customer might be interested in.

You can also offer these bundles at a discounted price to nudge the customer even more!

Here is a great example of this online store brand hosted on Instamojo.

On Frino’s online store, customers who want to buy a laundry detergent are shown a discounted price if they choose to buy the combo deal of both a detergent and dishwasher gel.

Personalisation and customisation at Instamojo


3. Personalised discounts 

On Instamojo, it is easy to offer a variety of discounts. You can read our entire guide on discounts here. 

But how can we make this a personalised experience for your customers?

Our latest feature lets you automate email reminders to users who have abandoned their purchases. These email reminders now include discount coupons, especially for the customer.

Personalisation and customisation at Instamojo

Normal abandoned cart recovery emails have an average conversion rate of 18%. The conversion rate for abandoned cart recovery emails with discounts is significantly higher at – 31.81%. 

Keep your customers coming back for more! Start selling online with Instamojo.

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