Instamojo North East Launchpad – Meet the Finalists (Top 9)

North East launchpad finalists
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2021)

The top 9 finalists of the North East Launchpad business plan event have been selected! We started the North East Launchpad event in July 2021 with an aim to support and bring out as many DTC businesses from the region as possible. In collaboration with Eastmojo, LegalWiz, AICSMUTBI, and upGrowth – we hosted 150+ entrepreneurs in this business plan event.

Right from pitching startup ideas to enhancing business strategies, these businesses are experiencing what it takes to launch a successful company. Here’s the story so far.

An overview of North East Launchpad 

The North East Launchpad is a 30-day business-plan event for budding entrepreneurs from the NorthEast region of India. This competition aims to stimulate entrepreneurship in North East India. 

Entrepreneurs from North East India were challenged to bring their business ideas to the table, create a business plan, and start their Instamojo online store.  Participants were given 30 days to create awareness about their businesses and learn from industry experts like –, deAsra, and UpGrowth.

After 30 days, these businesses had to submit their business plans. They were shortlisted on the basis of business plan feasibility, originality of ideas, and the impact their idea can create in the future.

The finalists pitched their ideas to a jury of Incubator founders and entrepreneurs on the 19th of August 2021. The pitches took place online on Google Meet and the jury asked questions to the finalists.

The winner of this event will be selected by the jury. The winner gets:

  • ₹50,000/- cash grant
  • Growth Annual Plan of Instamojo premium Store for 1 year
  • DIFM features to be available
  • 5000 mojoPlus points
  • PR coverage for winning business
  • Free business/GST registration
  • Free marketing training for 1 month – on running ads, generating leads, content marketing, etc

North East Launchpad awards

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Let’s take a look at our top 9 finalists of North East Launchpad.

1. KA Design

Meet Karishma Kakoti, founder and lead designer of KA Design. Started in 2016, the studio has young talented designers working under her expertise. The brand caters to interior designing, furniture concepts, wine bottle designings, and gift ideas.

With a rich variety of designs, concepts, and ideas, KA Design aims to revolutionize the entire design & innovation space in the North East. Specialized in green eco-friendly designs, she has led many projects across India and offers creative design-build solutions. 

2. Amis Handmade Accessories

Also known as the abode of clouds, Amis Handmade Accessories was founded by Sengmitchi C Marak in August 2019. It is an online and offline small business from Meghalaya.

They manufacture handcrafted traditional and non-traditional products with an aim to promote the traditional accessories of the Garo culture and get more people interested in their local cultural products.

Amis Handmade Accessories sells handmade traditional and non-traditional handmade accessories such as earrings, necklace/neckpieces, hairpins, brooches, bow ties, embroidered products. They wish to set up a studio cum workplace or training centers to teach people to make handmade products.

Amis online store

Check out their exquisite accessories collection here

3. CropZo

The youngest entrepreneur in the North East Launchpad event, Krishanjit founded Cropzo – a B2B marketplace that connects farmers directly to the hotel chains. He discovered the gap between the traditional supply chain of vegetables and thought of generating a business solution to it. The idea is to bridge these gaps & help uplift the farmers. 

“Assam has a lot of value, yet to be unlocked. We just happened to be the facilitators of this smooth transition in the form of an Agri-Tech startup to improve the lives of producers, businesses, and consumers in a meaningful manner. We are focused on making the Whipcart more accessible.” – Krishanjit Rajbongshi, Founder, Cropzo

Check out Cropzo’s online store here

4. Secret cosmetics

Meet Tuingam, the Founder of Secret Cosmetics. She is a certified cosmetologist and a makeup artist.

The brand is currently run by a team of 3 based out of Ukhrul in Manipur. They are on a mission to provide a 100% natural solution to skincare products. The idea is to create value for seed farmers & generate employment in the community. The team seeks to spread more awareness about sustainable cosmetics & natural skincare. They ensure that every ingredient used has a unique therapeutic purpose giving each product a rare potency to solve skin concerns or needs.

Check out her skincare range here

5. KIA Associates

Founded by Uttam Thapa and Himadri Daimari, The KIA Associates are a team of architects and designers who produce beautiful & functional structures.

Some of their clientele include Honda, Royal Aawas & even Miniso! Ther are on a mission to bridge the gap between the mainland and North East India with material costing and generating new employment in the region. With customers being their #1 priority, KIA associates is your stop solution for all your interior and construction needs

Take a look at their online store here

6. PampEarth

An initiative by Anurag Shrivastava, PampEarth is a sustainable brand that encourages people to lead a green lifestyle. They aim to provide accessible and affordable sustainable products that can be used by everyone. Some of their products are

  • Eco-Friendly Stationery
  • Bamboo Products (Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Straw, etc )
  • Handmade Papers

PampEarth is an initiative to spread awareness among people and especially among the younger generation about the need for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products.

Check out PampEarth’s online store here


7. Indiluv

Indiluv brings indigenous but rich food from the North East on a platter for the world to taste. Made with love in rural India, their best-selling product is organic honey collected that is collected fresh from the wild. Their unique blend of honey with organic ginger and litchi is what makes their brand stand out from the crowd.


With this brand, their ultimate mission is to ensure human-wild harmony through community beekeeping and create secure income sources for the communities in fringe areas. Till now, they have sold more than 150 bottles through online channels.

You can buy their organic honey by clicking here

8. Tynrai

Teiskhem Lynrah founded Tynrai with a simple idea to make Northeast Cuisine accessible to everyone. Based out of Meghalaya, Tynrai promotes local produce and empowers local farmers.

They wish to incorporate authentic tastes of bamboo in brine and black sesame sauce into everyday foods. After all, they do give it a distinct flavor and good nutritional value. They also like to focus on reducing the carbon footprint in products and ensure that the nutritional value of the raw ingredients remains intact.

Do check out their products here

9. Ruralnomics

Ruralnomics is a young eCommerce and supply startup with a vision to enter into the Agri Tech Industry. The vision is to serve Local, by Local to Uplift Local.

The team of professionals bootstrapped this organization with a clear idea to transform the eCommerce and supply space of the North-Eastern market and uplift the Agriculture Sector. They strongly believe that technology will fail if it cannot penetrate to the remotest areas. The long-term vision of the company is to organize the supply market through a perfect blend of dialogue, technology, online payments, eCommerce, and delivery. 

Shop their products here

We wish them all the very best for the finals of the North East Launchpad!

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