Are you guilty of making these mistakes when generating leads?

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2022)

Lead generation, if done correctly, is a sure-shot way of skyrocketing your sales. Here are some mistakes that online sellers make when trying to collect quality leads (And how to prevent them).

What is lead generation? 

Leads are potential customers. They may not have expressed a direct intent to buy your product or service, but their characteristics and behaviour indicate that there might be a future point in time when these individuals may convert.

Lead generation is the process of identifying these future potential customers, and then cutlitvating their contact details so that you perform targetted marketing.

A lead can be in the form of just a name and designation or can be an email ID and phone number left by consumers and online visitors. You just have to know how to capture this information. Here are some tips.

As an online seller, knowing who is more likely to buy your product/service is crucial in seeing increased sales.

This is why even before you set up shop – you first need to identify your target audience. See how to do that here.

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How does a landing page help lead generation? 

Landing pages are single web pages that have ALL the information about a particular product/event. If you want quick easy ways to ensure more people are getting everything they need without having to navigate/search – a landing page is your best bet.

A landing page with embedded forms or checkout sections in them is the perfect way to capture the information of an online visitor. A landing page is created with the intent of attracting customers and leads.

With Instamojo Smart Pages, you can create your own landing page with an inbuild payment gateway and other marketing features like:

  • Enquiry forms
  • FAQ section
  • Testimonials
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Custom domains

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Mistakes you are making when generating leads

1. Not having a well-crafted landing page 

A good landing page will convince your customer to complete an action. For this your landing page needs to have:

  • Your value proposition clearly visible just above the hero fold
  • Multiple hard-hitting CTAs
  • All the information that a person might need (Like the who, why, what and how)
  • A good FAQ section to reduce deliberation time
  • Contact details
  • A clean look
  • Consistency in value
  • High-quality images/videos

If you do not have a landing page that is attractive and shows value to a potential customer, you have lost the customer.

Read more about creating landing pages that see guaranteed conversions here.

2. Not having a good CTA 

A call-to-action compels the online visitor to take an action. If the call itself is weak and confusing, the consumer will not know what to do.

A simple example can be, that you want them to enroll in a free online course, but the CTA button says – Pay Now. The words “Pay” denote – payment. Confusing right?

Your CTA needs to:  

  • Have the right text
  • The right colour
  • Conveys the right emotion
  • The right placement (Because if the online visitor has to hunt for it – You have lost them)

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3. Not creating the right emotions 

Even though SEO is a priority when creating content, landing pages should also have the end consumer in mind. A consumer who reads your content should not feel like you have over-optimised for SEO. Write content that is human and natural.

It is important to understand the kind of emotions that your target customer needs to feel. Whether it’s an urgency for an exclusive event, whether it’s the feeling of being left out, curiosity, or desire.

These are emotions you need to express through your content and your CTA.

4. Not following a lead nurturing system 

This is probably what most online sellers miss out on. If you have collected tons of potential leads – then what?

Unless you nurture them – they will not convert to purchases.

Nurturing refers to the process of communicating with the leads with the intent of converting a potential customer into a customer.

This can be done through calls, emails, WhatsApp etc. In this process, the lead is slowly convinced of the value you provide.

Nurturing a lead should be a systematic process. You can use third-party CRM software or you can create your own DIY systems using Google sheets/excel to keep track.

A template or structure of lead nurturing helps you:  

  • From coming across as spammy and promotional
  • Keep track of lead and where they are in the nurturing process (Contacted/To call again/ Rejected etc. )

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Systematic lead nurturing processes 

We recently conducted a business webinar with the Ceo & CO-Founder of Expletus Labs – Abhishek Chachan where we discussed the nuances of lead generation.

He is the go-to guy for understanding systematic lead generation processes. He conducts high-quality workshops that are designed to teach you the A-Z of high converting leads. The best part? He equips you with the necessary skills to acquire, manage and convert leads all on your own!

Watch the full webinar here.

On Instamojo, you can collect and manage leads from your dashboard itself.


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