9 Stores on Instamojo that will inspire you to set up your own

Set up your Instamojo premium store
(Last Updated On: June 9, 2023)

Simply setting up an online store should be easy, inexpensive, and loaded with features that help you grow your business effortlessly. Fortunately, our premium online store offers all these and more.

Can you imagine having a website that requires zero developer assistance, coding, or hefty fees? That’s our premium store for you.

What does an Instamojo premium online store offer?

The Instamojo premium online store offers –

  1. 30+ themes to choose from
  2. Lower transaction fees
  3. SEO campaigns
  4. Email and SMS campaigns
  5. Custom domain linking
  6. Discount coupons
  7. Abandoned cart alerts

Still not convinced to set up a premium online store? Hopefully, these beautiful stores inspire today to sign up!

9 inspiring premium online stores on Instamojo

Kashmiriyat Store

Kashmiriyat is a tribute to all things Kashmiri! The online store sells teas, spices, and dry fruits from the state, through products hand-crafted in small batches.

Kashmiriyat showcases detailed categories for customers who want to browse through authentic, genuine and exquisite Kashmiri products. The business also delivers right to your doorstep.

The Kashmiriyat online store empowers small business owners to sell their products easily on their online store.

Kashmiriyat Online store
Instamojo online store: Kashmiriyat

The Rover 

This online store has stayed true to its brand. A store selling fine and elegant jewellery with a theme that suits their brand vision and tone.

With jewellery made by hand, this store hosts stunning aesthetic categories. Jewellery and accessories from The Rover would be perfect for a day look to a night look.

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Premium online store Instamojo
Instamojo online store: The Rover

This theme is perfect for those who want a clean minimal look with space for images that highlights your products. 

Kriti Henna 

If you sell body and face care products online like Kriti Henna, wouldn’t you want your store to have calm tones? And especially if the products you sell are herbal and organic, you would want earthy and natural tones in your store.

This particular online store sells products made entirely out of herbal ingredients that have been researched, procured and then tested extensively.

Check out their store here. 


Instamojo premium online store
Instamojo online store: Kriti Henna

Thrust factor 

A haven for military and aviation enthusiasts, this online store sells memorabilia and merchandise. A 23-year-old designs and creates these moral patches that serve to raise the spirits of those air force pilots literally in the skies and also those cheering them on on the ground.

Their products are of a wide variety, ranging from coasters, hoodies, and patches, to lapel pins. They can use features like product filters to help customers navigate their stores easily and efficiently.

Look at their awesome online store here.


Instamojo premium online store
Instamojo online store: The Thrust Factor


This clothing online store has nailed how a storefront should look like. With aesthetic and pleasing designs, beautiful product images and banners that invite customers, the Hijabae is acing the DTC eCommerce game.

This store has a variety of modest clothing and accessories to choose from. They have also displayed trust badges like certifications and warranties on their home page which is very important when gaining a customer’s trust.

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Instamojo premium online store


Who doesn’t like cute products? Well, this online store is going to make you want to scream *CUUTEE*. Stationary, keychains, and a category solely dedicated to imported ‘Kawai’ (The concept of cute products manufactured and designed in Japan). They also conduct regular sales on their premium online store.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go check them out and stay quirky! 

Instamojo premium online store
Instamojo online store: Pawprints

Sluurrp factory 

Mmmm slurrpyy! The Sluurrp Factory is here to delight your tastebuds. Their online store has bright vibrant imagery that will leave a taste in your mouth.

Colourful banners, beautiful product images, product descriptions and most importantly – assets like a pop-up bar at the top are perfect to win a customer’s attention.

Check out the Sluurrp Factory here.

Instamojo premium online store
Instamojo online store: The Sluurrp Factory

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Kabita Linden Meyer

An artisan’s studio needs to look beautiful and aesthetic enough to showcase its products the right way! All the products made by Kabita, a professional clay artist, are custom-made and one-of-a-kind.

Instamojo online store
Instamojo online store: Kabita Linden Meyer

The Kabita online store is minimal and shows every product individually, complete with description, pricing and options to share links across different social media platforms.

Carpe Diem Studio

Carpe Diem is an art and learning centre equipped with an Art Gallery as well as creative workshop and performance spaces located in an ancestral house in Majorda, South Goa. The online store showcases workshops on dance, music, pottery, yoga, writing, sculpting, and even book reading!

Instamojo online store
Instamojo online store: Carpe Diem

A unique feature of the Carpe Diem online store is the comparison chart. You can check which course/workshop suits you best with a clean comparison.

Tax by KK

With more than 20 years of experience, K.K Agarwal is not a fan of gatekeeping knowledge. His premium online store – TaxbyKK – has resources to help you with all your GST needs. Not only that, but you can also attend workshops conducted by him to gain in-depth knowledge on subjects related to tax.

We are also proud to call him our very own mojoStar! Take a look at his profile here.

Instamojo online store


The above Instamojo premium stores offer their customers more than just aesthetics. The stores’ appearance is similar to websites and offers all the basic features that the good old free online store also has.


If you are not sure about setting up a premium online store just yet, experiment with our free store for a while. Explore the features, and collect a few online payments.


And when you are ready for your online store to be upgraded, check in with our team and choose the best plan to work for you.

Set up your own professional online store 

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