Recap 2023: GST, ONDC, Mahindra logistics and other eCommerce developments for you

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2023)

I love doing annual recaps. It gives me the mental space to look at everything that happened in the past year that was and then evaluate how far I have come.

I wanted to take this opportunity to do the same for our audiences. 2023 was pretty exciting for us. We were trying to navigate a world post-pandemic. A world where online and physical interweaved seamlessly.  It brought new opportunities for digitally native brands to strengthen their communities offline and for retail brands to step into online spaces. 

So what were some of the most significant developments in eCommerce in 2023?

Here is everything that happened over the year that impacted business owners!

1. India now ranks third in the global list for unicorns, soonicorns, and gazelles, according to Hurun’s Global Unicorn Index! 


eCommerce updates 2023
Image source: Inc42 [Please note, Incred has not been included in the image]

2. India saw 2 unicorns in 2023 – Zepto (a quick commerce platform) and Incred (a fintech platform) 

3. ONDC is now operational in over 500 cities

4. ONDC and Meta join hands to support small businesses 

“Our partnership with Meta will digitally upskill these businesses and enable them to connect with a customer base far and wide. We are confident that our collaborative efforts will pave the way for millions of small businesses by providing them with the right impetus for growth” T. Koshy, CEO & MD, ONDC

5. Consumer affairs secretary declared that the eCommerce policy was ready after 80 meetings and will be released soon 

“The eCommerce policy and rules are completely ready and have been made very thoughtfully considering the rapid expansion of eCommerce in the country … the interests of consumers and small traders have been taken care of, while importance has also been given to create a transparent, equitable and responsible business system in the country through eCommerce” Piyush Goyal, Union Commerce Minister

6. Indian D2C brands saw a 43% surge in Average Order Value (AOV)  during festive sales on marketplaces 

eCommerce updates 2023

7. Another Deloitte report titled “Future of Retail” suggested eCommerce sales may cross modern retail sales by 2030

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8. eCommerce industry in India recorded 26% growth in orders in 2023 

D2c ecommerce trends 2024

9. India’s middle-income consumers will drive nearly half of eCommerce growth by 2023

A report by RedSeer estimated that these middle-income consumers form the “mass” consumer. These buyers are highly value-conscious and focus on optimizing price versus quality.  

eCommerce shopping patterns
Source: Redseer

10. The festive season created close to 700,000 gig jobs in quick commerce companies, logistical companies like delivery personnel, warehousing staff etc to fulfil consumer demands


eCommerce quickcommerce updates


11. It’s been a year of boosting collaboration between businesses and brands on Instagram with new features like broadcast channels, notes, and collaborated posts/reels

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12. Meta launched a Twitter lookalike “threads” to compete with Elon Musk’s X (ex-twitter)

Right. Twitter is now X.

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13. AI-driven personalisations and recommendations have become revolutionary for D2C marketers – leaner teams, and more scope for innovation. 

Here is a comprehensive list of AI tools that you can use to help you drive business growth.

D2c ecommerce trends 2024

14. Google and YouTube have promised to help users identify AI-generated content and differentiate it from human content 

15. Our government had a tremendous year when it came to digital growth. The Indian govt launched the Skill India Digital platform


16. The Indian Government also launched a new eCommerce platform for artisans and weavers with a 0% commission 

Read more about the “India handmade” platform and if you are the right fit here! 

eCommerce portal Indiahandmade

17.  The Government will also train artisans weavers and jewellery manufacturers to sell products online on eCommerce platforms 

“We are going to launch a huge outreach programme where we will train our artisans, weavers, and jewellery manufacturers, to onboard eCommerce platforms and export their products directly from there, without being dependent on anyone else,” Santosh Kumar Sarangi, Director General Foreign Trade

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18. D2C brands are preparing for the next 200 million online shoppers 

Investors are estimating that the current base of internet shoppers is going to double to 400 million shoppers in the next 5-7 years. But, these shoppers are largely Gen Z and they have different consumer preferences. For example:

  1. Products need to be healthier
  2. Packaging and the unboxing experience matter for loyalty
  3. The products should be designed for prolonged use unlike the use-throw nature of fast fashion

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19.  From August, the e-invoice limit for GST was reduced to Rs. 5 crore

This means GST-registered businesses whose aggregate turnover of more than Rs 5 crore up to Rs. 10 crore need to generate IRN on their B2B invoices.

Earlier businesses with a turnover of more than Rs 10 crore had to generate invoices for business-to-business (B2B) transactions including supply of goods and services and exports transactions.

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20. The informal micro-businesses registering for the Udyam certificate have crossed the 1 crore mark

These businesses were not under the GST regime and were eligible for priority sector loans on the government’s Udyam Assist Platform (UAP). Learn more about registering on the UAP platform here.

21. India is on the brink of a warehousing boom and is projected to reach a staggering Rs 2,872.10 billion valuation by 2027


warehouse eCommerce updates
Source: Hindu Business Line

22. Logistic giants like Maersk, A.P Moller, iThink Logistics, Mahindra Logistics and India Post are investing in India’s eCommerce sector

eCommerce updates logistics

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23. Instamojo, your chosen eCommerce platform, became EBIDTA profitable

“The transition to a full stack commerce enabling platform for D2C businesses has Instamojo achieve EBITDA profitability. In Q2 FY24, we clocked our highest-ever EBITDA margin of 15% vs -7% EBITDA margin in Q2 FY23.” Akash Gehani, COO, Instamojo 

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