The D2C eCommerce playbook: 5 strategies that will keep you ahead in 2024

The D2C eCommerce playbook: 5 strategies that will keep you ahead in 2024
(Last Updated On: December 22, 2023)

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Get on a journey into the future of D2C eCommerce! In this blog, we’ll decode the 5 D2C eCommerce strategies that will not only keep you in the D2C game but position you as a groundbreaker. Drawing inspiration from industry giants, we’re about to explore the cutting-edge strategies that will reshape the landscape of online business in 2024. Are you ready? 

Secure a lead with these 5 key strategies

Get ahead of the game in 2024 with these 5 must-have D2C eCommerce strategies. Plus, get insider insights for the upcoming year that are specially tailored to help your business thrive.

Decide on a hero product

So, what’s a hero product, you ask? It’s that one item that becomes the face of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. 

Take Rage Coffee, for instance. 

D2C eCommerce strategies 1: Rage Coffee
Rage Coffee

Their Instant Coffee isn’t just another coffee; it’s a game-changer. With its smooth, bold and the extra kick of flavours, it’s not just a drink; it’s an experience.

Why does this work? 

Well, having a hero product like the instant coffee (in case of Rage Coffee) creates a buzz around the brand. People remember it for that one exceptional thing, and it becomes a talking point. Whether it’s the sleek packaging or the unique brewing process, the hero product should embody what you stand for.

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What to take out from this for 2024?

Make sure your brand has that standout item. It could be a revolutionary gadget, a must-have accessory, or a game-changing beverage. Your hero product becomes your ambassador, and with the right one, you’ll have your customers hooked and coming back for more.

Remember, it’s not just about selling a product; it’s about creating an experience that people can’t resist sharing.

Enable innovation by controlling your own supply chain 

Nowadays, the ability to innovate sets the trailblazers apart from the pack.

Consider this: Logistics in key sectors like cars, online retail, farming, and healthcare are pushing for smarter ways to transport goods, especially with the growing trend of speedy local deliveries in urban areas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is investing a massive Rs 100 lakh crore in ‘Gati Shakti,’ a plan aimed at connecting over a thousand manufacturing hubs to make logistics more affordable and interconnected. In short, ‘Gati Shakti’ is taking India’s logistics to world-class levels!

From this, you can expect why this among the other D2C eCommerce strategies could be said important for your business. 

Let’s have a look at the example for better understanding. Wakefit, a name synonymous with quality sleep solutions, has aced this game by taking charge of its supply chain. How? By overseeing every step, from raw materials to the finished product hitting the shelves.

D2C eCommerce strategies 2: Wakefit

Why is this strategy a game-changer? 

Well, when you control your supply chain, you’re not just managing costs; you’re promoting an environment for innovation to thrive. 

Wakefit’s commitment to quality starts right from the sourcing of raw materials for their mattresses to the final delivery at your doorstep. 

This control allows them to experiment with cutting-edge materials, introduce new designs swiftly, and respond to customer feedback effectively.

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What to gather for 2024?

The lesson is clear: if you want to innovate, take control. 

Having a say in your supply chain can be a game-changing move. 

It allows you to pivot quickly, adapt to market trends, and most importantly, deliver products that keep your customers excited.

So, as you navigate the business landscape of 2024, consider tightening those supply chain harnesses. 

It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about unlocking the door to innovation.

Content for the research-savvy customer

Picture this: you’re in the market for a new mattress, and you want more than just flashy ads. You crave in-depth knowledge, and that’s where Sleepwell steps in as the guide for the research-savvy customer.

D2C eCommerce strategies 3: Sleepwell

Think about adopting this one among other D2C eCommerce strategies, as the upcoming years will see heightened awareness and scrutiny from customers before making a purchase. Get prepared to address their questions effectively. Wondering why this shift is happening? Let’s delve into PWC’s survey to gain insights.

Check this out – a whopping 66% of people in India (way more than the global average of 56%) love using their smartphones to hunt for the best prices, cool deals, and product info. Before buying stuff, 65% here read product reviews on their phones, beating the global rate of 54%. Indians also care a lot about return policies – 57% use their phones to get the lowdown, while globally, only 33% bother. And get this, half of us Indians (compared to 40% worldwide) use store apps on our phones to suss out and compare products. Smart, right?

What makes this strategy transformative?

Sleepwell understands that the modern consumer is a researcher. They want to know about the materials, the technology, and the science behind a good night’s sleep. 

So, what does Sleepwell do? They don’t just sell mattresses; they educate their customers. Through detailed blog posts, informative videos, and engaging social media content, Sleepwell takes the time to break down the complexities of mattress technology. 

From the benefits of memory foam to the impact of different firmness levels on sleep quality, Sleepwell’s content caters to the inquisitive mind.

What to extract for 2024?

If you want to win over the research-savvy customer, it’s not just about showcasing your products; it’s about being a source of knowledge. 

Create content that answers their questions, addresses their concerns, and empowers them to make informed decisions.

Simply take a page from Sleepwell’s blogs. Educate, engage, and upgrade the experience for your research-oriented audience.

Or see how we do it. The Instamojo blog has guides for any stage of your eCommerce business. Whether you want to just start, manage or grow, we have the resources you need.

Indian strategy: What’s the price people will pay?

Price is not just a number; it’s a key player in the consumer’s decision-making process. 

The Bombay Shaving Company has strategically positioned itself by tapping into the pulse of what Indian consumers are looking for at a price point.

Bombay Shaving Company
Bombay Shaving Company

So, what’s their winning formula?

The Bombay Shaving Company isn’t just selling grooming products; they’re offering an experience without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Take their shaving kits, for instance. It’s not just about affordability; it’s about value for money. The quality of the products combined with a reasonable price tag makes it an attractive proposition for a wide spectrum of consumers.

What conclusions can we derive for 2024?

Understanding the price point that resonates with Indian consumers is more crucial than ever. It’s about finding that sweet spot where your product is perceived as valuable without being labelled as outrageous. 

Bombay Shaving Company has mastered this by aligning its prices with the expectations and aspirations of the Indian consumer.

Remember, it’s not just about being the cheapest; it’s about offering value. 

In short, the Indian consumer is discerning. They want quality without breaking the bank.

Let’s focus on the customers who REALLY matter – your people!

Where numbers often take centre stage, it’s easy to fall into the trap of aiming for sheer quantity. 

However, Heads Up For Tails, a brand dedicated to pampering our four-legged friends, teaches us a valuable lesson: it’s not about reaching everyone; it’s about reaching the right ones.

Heads Up For Tails
Heads Up For Tails

So, how do they do it? 

Heads Up For Tails doesn’t cast a wide net; instead, they create content and experiences tailored for pet lovers, ensuring they resonate with the ones who truly matter. 

Their social media isn’t just a showcase of products; it’s a community of pet enthusiasts sharing stories, tips, and a mutual love for their furry companions.

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What lessons can be drawn for 2024?

As you navigate the digital space, remember that your target audience is more than just a demographic. It’s a group that shares a genuine interest in what you offer. 

Heads Up For Tails excels in engaging with pet owners who aren’t just looking for pet products but are seeking a community that understands their passion.

So, in any industry you are in, focus on quality engagement over quantity. Build a tribe of loyal followers who resonate with your brand values, and watch how this authenticity transforms casual customers into dedicated advocates.

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