Why Good Packaging Works: Customer Delight

good packaging

How many times have you bought items just because the packaging was attractive? Customers don’t always make rational and informed decisions. They buy because it is pleasing to the eye. Here’s some good news for you: good packaging drives sales too!

Every year 95% of the products fail because businesses fail to invest in packaging. At times, the packaging is as important as the product itself.

Packaging drives consumer decisions. Consumers don’t have the time to sift through all the benefits and features of a product. The low attention span drives customers to buy a product at its face value or whatever appeals to the eye.

Packaging is one of the holy trinities of online business that you need to master. Here are a couple of reasons on why good packaging is necessary for your business:

Competitive advantage

According to studies, one-third of a consumer’s decision making is based solely on product packaging! A good packaging will let you stand out from your competition.

Your design can be eye-catching yet simple. What’s important is for people to be able to perceive it as something of value to them. Good packaging will not only make an impact on the consumer’s perception but will also drive sales for you.


Your consumer wants a product that isn’t damaged when it reaches them. This could frustrate the consumer and create a negative image for your company.

You need a packaging that is of good quality and attractive. Don’t compromise on quality just because it is lighter on your wallet. A good packaging will protect the product and also make it appealing to the consumer.

Trigger emotional engagement

Most consumer decisions are instinctive and emotional especially when it comes to shopping online. Show them a stellar ad and you could even sell them a pet rock!

A consumer is more likely to buy a product when they have a positive emotional response to it.

You can do this by altering the color and design of your packaging. Since consumers act on the “feel” factor of the product, this will enable them to purchase the product.

Develop your brand identity

A good packaging is a good brand building exercise. Apple’s sleek and minimalistic packaging is a good recall of the product.

Packaging can also carry important product information. You may also display your logo on the package to reinforce your brand identity.

Your packaging has the power to create brand recall and association for your products that will eventually lead them to buy more.

Facilitates purchase decisions

The bottom line is – good packaging will make consumers notice you. This will facilitate consumer decisions.

Companies conduct extensive research on color schemes, designs and, types of product packaging that is the most appealing to their target audience.

Finding the right packaging partner

Looking for a good packaging partner is therefore of utmost importance for your small businesses. Unfortunately, great packaging can be expensive and inaccessible.

At Instamojo we try to make packaging decisions available and easier by partnering with different packaging experts to help you pack and ship better. The Instamojo App store has several packing and shipping partners that can help you deliver your products to your customers in a safe way.

Go get your own FREE Instamojo online store in under 2 minutes and get started on packaging your products in a better way!


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