How to Set Up Your Instamojo Premium Online Store and Add your First Product

Instamojo premium Instamojo online store

You waited so patiently, we had to make this big news! Our premium Instamojo online store is now ready. In this short guide, we will guide you through setting up your new online store, the benefits of switching to the premium online store and how to add your first product to your store. 

So, let’s begin. 

How to set up your Instamojo premium online store? 

  1. First, create your Instamojo account. Sign up and verify your mobile number. 
  2. Set up your payments on Instamojo. This video will help you with that. 
  3. Click on ‘Create online store’ 

How add the store name

4. Add important details like the name of the store, and business information. Add your social media information too. This helps your online store gain more visibility. 

5. Ensure you fill in information like ‘ what are you selling’ and pick the right category. 

6. Pick a template/ theme that represents your store. You can change this later. We wil also show you how to choose the right theme for your store.

7. Set your store URL name 

Store URL name

Once your free store is ready, head to the subscription plan and in your dashboard and add your card details. This is explained in detail below. 

We can now customise your store. Simply click under online store icon in your dashboard LHS. 

How to enable the premium store feature? 

Subscribe to the premium online store for a monthly subscription fee of 799 per month.

Subscription Plan

With this, you get: 

  1. A wider range of themes and templates 
  2. Setting up marketing campaigns for better and improved SEO 
  3. Enable additional SMS and Email Marketing Campaigns for your store when the default options run out
  4. Get access to Instamojo domains and emails for your online store marketing.
  5. Link a domain purchased from another vendor to your Instamojo online store
  6. Manage your online store back end – run page scripts

Managing Your Products 

Before we go to the different features of your new and advanced premium Instamojo online store, let us quickly learn a little more about the product categories and attributes in your store. We will explore creating and optimising the features under here in detailed upcoming guides. Here is a brief summary of the features under the ‘Product’ section of your dashboard.

All Products – You can view all your products here 

Categories – This helps you when you have to ‘Add a product’ to your store. Before you add a product, mention what categories fall in your online store. Categories help you get better discoverability of products on the website. We will explore this in detail in our next guide. 

Attributes  – Product attributes are the additional specifications of your product which your customer would want to know. 

Organizing the attributes of a product by creating groups such as Specifications, Product dimensions, etc will make it easy for customers to understand more aspects of the product. 

Product Options: This is to deal with the product options and the product option values that you would want to provide your customers additionally for the product which they want to buy.

Reviews – Customer reviews about your products appear here. 

Wholesale discounts – Wholesale discounts can be provided to customers who buy products in bulk.

Referral discounts – If you wish to generate a discount code to support other businesses, this is the discount code you can use.

How to add a product to your premium Instamojo online store

Let’s figure out how to add your first product to your online store. You can choose to add 3 kinds of products: 

  1. Physical product 
  2. Digital Products 
  3. Event Tickets 

How to Add a Product Instamojo premium online store

Fill in the basic information about your product. If you wish to provide a promo discount on your product, add it here. Mention shipping time period too. 

Short description: Add a 1-2 line description of your product (maximum 500 characters)

Description: Detailed description of the product covering its features and other information you would want your customer to know.

Product page title: Page Name displayed at the tab of the browser. This title can also be used for on-page SEO.

Choose your shipping criteria. This will help to package the product accordingly. Manage your inventory information – how much stock you will maintain, the minimum and maximum order quantity. 

Additional Details  – Here, you can edit font size, add a product title and make any content edits or changes for a product you create. 

Stay tuned for more guides on customising your Instamojo premium online store. We will guide you through a step-by-step process on managing and customising your online store next.

Congratulations on setting up your premium online store!


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