mojostores March: 4 online stores to bring some colour into your lives

Instamojo online stores
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2023)

We are back with another edition of mojoStores – where we explore Instamojo online stores that deserve your attention.

This month we have chosen the mojoStores based on: 

  1. How colourful are their products
  2. The attractiveness of their online store

Ready to inject some more colour into your life? Let’s go!

mojoStore #1: Arty Magpie 

This online store that sells digital art online is bright, beautiful, colourful, and well-maintained. Check out their store here.

Some more reasons why this online store stands out: 

  1. The homepage is clean, and minimal and brings the customer’s attention to the featured products. Learn how to optimise your own online store’s home page here.
  2. The product images are steady and well-lit
  3. The about us section on the home page and on the About Us landing page – are both well-fleshed out and tell a brand story.
Instamojo online stores
Online store – ArtyMagpie

The artist – Rohini Sundar, compares herself to a magpie –

“The magpie bird is said to be attracted to new and shiny baubles. Anything shiny and pretty catches its eye and gets promptly collected into its nest. Much like this bird, I find myself attracted to and excited by multiple art concepts – be it Indian folk art, portraits of women, temple art or large landscapes.”

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mojoStore #2: Bumblebee candles 

This online store sells candles. But not the boring kind! The store sells homemade candles in different shapes, sizes and colours! The candles are so pretty that you would hesitate to light them up!

An added bonus? Their candles are 100% vegan!

Instamojo online stores
Online store – Bumblebee candles


Bumblebee Candles also sells stationery. Did you think of normal Nataraj pencils and pens? NO! These are cute items that just bring a pop of colour and fun to your desk! Think doughnut erasers, astronaut pens, squid game keychains etc.

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mojoStore #3: Lushfarms 

We realise colourful products are usually associated with home decor or stationery. But we are severely underestimating how good colourful fresh food can look!

And that’s exactly what this online store offers. Lushfarms is an online business that sells organic food online.

They grow products in a closed and controlled environment. The products are grown Hydroponically and hence are not polluted by any external factors.


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Why we love this store: 

The Lush Farms online store has an about section that clearly explains their techniques (Remember, it’s a food business which makes this even more important)

Also notice, how they chose a green theme for their business (in line with what they sell! Perfect, ain’t it?)

mojoStore #4: Penwala

It’s time for more colourful stationery! As their home page says – “You can never have too much stationery!” And they boast a range of more than 30 categories. You can also check out the resin-related products in their online store for your own little art and crafts hobbies.

Check out Penwala here.

This online store has a unique element – Its testimonials section! It’s full of images, and screenshots of lovable chats with customers.

instamojo online stores


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