How To Sell Event Tickets Online In India – A Complete Guide

sell event tickets online

Did you know that organizing and selling event tickets is one of the top 5 stressful jobs in the world? With all the efforts involved in creating a buzz around your event, it only makes sense if you had the easiest solutions to take down some stress off your shoulder. We feel your pain.

After working with a ton of event organizers, we gathered some insights that will help you in marketing and selling your event more. Let’s begin with a few marketing tips that worked out for many of our event organizer friends and shall help you too.

Define your Target Audience

  • The first thing you need to ask yourself is “Who is this event for”?
  • What is the age group of the audience you want to serve? What is their demographic? Where do they hang out online and offline?
  • Knowing your audience will help you in a lot of factors like deciding the location of your event, date, pricing and you can properly strategize your marketing plan based on it.

Start Ticket Sales Early

Start your ticket sales, at least, two months in advance to give your followers enough time to plan! Early bird passes are an excellent way to create urgency. Based on your target audience, time of the year, you could also consider starting sales even earlier!

FOMO? Leverage Social media

Create a Facebook event and a Twitter hashtag for your event. Both these platforms work really well for spreading the word and help create a community online. They say ‘pictures speak louder than words’ and that’s why you might want to consider Instagram too.

How to use social media to sell event tickets? Download our ebook here 

Ebook on Social media marketing instamojo 2020

How to use Facebook advertising to sell tickets online

Facebook gives you brilliant options to filter your target audience based on interests, demographics cities etc. Start with a smaller budget and use different versions of ads to see which one gets more traction.

Once you’ve narrowed down on the filters and ad-copy, set aside a daily budget and start selling! Facebook also has a lookalike audience option where you have the option to let Facebook show your ads to friends of your followers!

Quality images and graphic designs always tend to do well on social media. Adding images of peoples increases your click-through rates drastically.

How to use event promoters to boost ticket sales

Invite freelance event promoters to sell passes for your event! Since it’s all about making the right people talk about your event, this goes a long way than the percentage commission that you’re going to be shelling out to them for ticket sales.

How to use content and graphic design to sell tickets online

One of the most under-rated but highly important aspects of marketing an event is creating visuals and branding collaterals.

Since the idea is to build a community which identifies with the festival and returns year after year, creating great branding collaterals can have unparalleled benefits. 

Do you wonder how design matters for your business? We have the answers in this design guide for small businesses.

Promotional Campaigns/pre-events

Set aside some of your budgets to run social media contests. Creating contests and challenges are the perfect way to get people interested.

Remember to define your goals from the contest and stick to your target audience to maximize its potential.

You should also consider having pre-events running up to your big event. It could be something as simple as an introductory talk/video by one of the speakers or a pre-gig in cases of music festivals. 


When a blogger talks about your event, it’s like a stamp of approval for those who still weren’t convinced. Research the best bloggers specific to your event and make them torchbearers of your event. With freebies and tickets, bloggers can be the mascot you’ve been longing for!

How to sell event tickets on Instamojo

It’s not just about a ticketing platform, we believe in providing you features that you actually need so that you can concentrate better on selling and marketing. 

Here is a conversion compared with other ticketing services that the NextBigWhat did:
sell event tickets online in india comparison of best event ticketing

Looking to sell event tickets online?

You need a payment gateway, an e-commerce storefront and a customer support system to take care of bulk payments.

Glad we have all these in place for you.

Check out our complete guide here on choosing the perfect payment gateway for selling event tickets online.

Pricing Comparison of Event Ticketing providers in India

comparison of event ticket online india sell event tickets online

With a platform like ours, you need to only worry about promoting your event. On Instamojo, you can use:

  1. Bulk payments feature to collect ticket payments in one go
  2. Integrate Instamojo payment API to your website to collect ticket transactions
  3. Send promotional emails using Mailchimp from the dashboard
  4. Set up the premium online store to set up a website storefront for your visitors. Choose different themes, set up SEO campaigns and send SMSes to your registered customers.
  5. Connect your social media accounts to your Instamojo free online store.

Sell Event Tickets Online in India



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