19+ profitable handmade craft business ideas for the creator in you

Handmade craft business ideas
(Last Updated On: February 10, 2024)

Quick summary:

Are you one of those souls who love to create? Your fingertips are constantly looking to “make” something? Explore some handmade craft business ideas that range from unique jewellery to personalized accessories and charming home decor, transforming your crafting passion into a pathway to success.

All these ideas have one thing in common – you can easily start them at home! You do not need industrial equipment or a ton of starting money.

All you need is the joy of creating, and some basic tools to get started. 

Here are 19 handmade craft business ideas for you 

Jewellery making

Let’s start with one of the most popular handmade craft business ideas – making jewellery at home.

Crafting handmade jewellery is an art that requires creativity and precision. You can utilise beads, gemstones, wire, and tools like pliers and cutters. 

Why choose it?

This business in India is lucrative, with the market projected to reach US$81.26 billion in 2024 and an annual growth rate of 4.59% from 2024 to 2028, according to the CAGR.

How to start making jewellery at home?
  • Master basic skills like beading, wire wrapping, and metal stamping.
  • Invest in quality materials. 
  • Promote and sell your unique jewellery online, at craft fairs, or exhibitions.

See how this homegrown D2C brand – Charms N Chains, has set up an online store offering a delightful variety of bead bracelets.

Charms N Chains
Charms N Chains: Instamojo store

Handmade bags and accessories

Other accessories that can easily be made at home are – bags, tote bags, mobile pouches etc.

Craft unique style with handmade bags and accessories, utilising fabrics, leather, beads, zippers, and sewing tools.

How to start selling handmade bags?
  • Focus on leather goods or fabric bags.
  • Emphasise quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Sell online and use social media for showcasing.

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Explore The India Craft House for an impressive collection of handmade bags that use signature Indian prints!

The India Craft House
The India Craft House

Handmade home decor

Want your creativity to bring a spot of uniqueness to a customer’s house? Customise people’s living spaces with artisanal home decor, incorporating fabrics, yarns, paints, wood, and crafting tools

How to start making handmade decor?
  • Follow home decor trends on Pinterest for inspiration. 
  • Use diverse materials that can last long. 
  • Market through social media and craft fairs. 

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Take a look at Boho Ivy on Instamojo—they’ve got awesome cushion covers that could add a special touch to your business space!

Boho Ivy
Boho Ivy: Instamojo store

Handmade stationery

Stationery was one of our most popular selling products on Instamojo last year. If you have the craft bug, this might be one of the best handmade craft business ideas for you.

Personalise stationery with Indian motifs and traditional patterns, offering unique notebooks, cards, and organisers.

Why choose it?

Starting this business is smart, with the sector projected to grow at over 8% CAGR from 2022 to 2028.

How to start with handmade stationery?
  • Explore paper, designs, and printing techniques.
  • Create themed collections.
  • Build a brand and then sell online and in local stores.

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Discover Pooji’s Opus on Instamojo, where you can find adorable stationery and scrapbooks.

Handmade craft business ideas
Pooji’s Opus: Instamojo store

Customised T-shirt making

Express individuality through wearable art. Start your business using blank shirts, fabric paints, stencils, and tools like heat press machines.

Why choose it?

Opting for a customised T-shirt business is smart because the market is projected to reach USD 9,883.2 million by 2033 with a strong 9.7% CAGR.

How to start selling customised T-shirts?
  • Get quality T-shirts and printing gear.
  • Develop design skills or collaborate.
  • Use print-on-demand and customisation 
  • Sell online, and engage on social media. 

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Check out Youngtees on Instamojo—they’ve got personalized bodysuits and T-shirts for newborns.

Youngtees: Instamojo store

Handmade toys

Craft eco-friendly, culturally inspired toys with traditional Indian themes with modern safety standards, appealing to parents seeking unique, handmade alternatives for playtime.

Why choose it?

Starting a Handmade Toys business is best, with India’s toy industry set to reach $3 billion by 2028, experiencing a rapid 12% CAGR between 2022 and 2028.

How to start making toys at home?
  • Ensure safe, eco-friendly toys.
  • Design for different age groups.
  • Market online and in stores.

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Visit Channapatna Toy, an Instamojo store for authentic, high-quality wooden toys that are a real favorite!

Handmade craft business ideas
Channapatna Toys: Instamojo store

Ceramics or pottery

Love to get your hands dirty? Craft functional or artistic pieces from clay, terracotta etc!  Showcase the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship from mugs to decorative items. 

How to start with pottery at home?
  • Learn pottery basics.
  • Experiment with glazes.
  • Sell at shows, galleries, or your online store.

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Visit Curiocity by Lidwin, an Instamojo store for amazing handmade pottery—a perfect business idea for clay enthusiasts!

Curiocity by Lidwin
Curiocity by Lidwin: Instamojo store

Handmade home textiles

Craft handmade home textiles using traditional weaving techniques and vibrant Indian colors, from blankets to cushions, to bring warmth and culture into homes.

Why choose it?

Starting a Handmade Home Textiles business is strategic, given the India Home Textile Market’s estimated USD 9.60 billion in 2024, set to reach USD 15.36 billion by 2029 with a 9.84% CAGR.

How to start selling handmade textiles? 
  • Master sewing/knitting diverse textiles.
  • Experiment with fabrics and textures.
  • Customize and market online, collaborating with designers.

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Experience Knit Knot Dreams by Instamojo—featuring the finest home textiles for customers who desire something special!

Knit Knot Dreams
Knit Knot Dreams: Instamojo store

Handmade Paper Crafts

Explore the art of handmade paper crafts, creating eco-friendly cards and personalized journals. Add a touch of sustainability to your craftsmanship while telling unique stories through your creations.

How to start creating handmade paper crafts at home?
  • Learn paper-making or source quality handmade paper.
  • Use cutting, quilling, or embossing techniques.
  • Develop a signature style and sell it online or in stores.

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Learn from The Plain Papers on Instamojo—they’ve got captivating paper crafts, including beautiful postcard sets!

Handmade craft business ideas
The Plain Papers: Instamojo store


Illuminate spaces with handmade candles featuring aromatic Indian scents and creative designs. 

How to sell homemade candles online?
  • Try different wax, moulds, and scents.
  • Create occasion-specific candles. 
  • Market online, at local markets, and in speciality stores.

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Discover Scintilla Candles on Instamojo: unique, high-quality beeswax candles—handcrafted, eco-friendly, with purifying properties and extended burn times.

Handmade craft business ideas
Scintilla Candles: Instamojo store

Handmade art prints

Turn walls into galleries with handmade art prints inspired by Indian themes. You have the power to craft visual narratives that infuse creativity into rooms with unique stories.

Why choose it?

Opting for a Handmade Art Prints business is impactful, with tourists supporting 744 Indian handicraft groups, 212,000 artisans, and 35,000 products. 

How to start with handmade prints?
  • Explore linocut or woodcut printmaking.
  • Use high-quality materials.
  • Offer limited edition prints, market online, at shows, and on social media.

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For example: Bhuli showcases and sells handmade art prints on their Instamojo store.

Bhuli: Instamojo store

Handmade personalised gifts

Craft unique, sentimental gifts for any occasion, adding a personal touch to handmade mementoes and tokens.

How to start making personalised gifts?
  • Offer personalised items with emotional value.
  • Use online platforms for orders and collaborations.
  • Identify festivals and occasions where personalised gifts are in high demand (Like Valentine’s Day

See how Winni, an eCommerce website offers a captivating selection of handmade personalized gifts.


Pet care and accessories

Millennials are raising more pets than ever! The pet care industry in India is one of the hottest D2C trends that you also capitalise on! 

Create stylish and functional pet accessories with an Indian touch, from comfy beds to trendy collars, catering to pet owners’ practical and cultural preferences.

How to start?
  • Craft pet items with customisation as a must! 
  • Use durable, pet-friendly materials.
  • Collaborate with pet stores or sell online. 

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Heads Up For Tails is an example of a D2C brand that saw immense growth in the last 3 years!  

Handmade craft business ideas
Heads Up For Tails

Handmade herbal products

Today’s consumers are responsible citizens. They want to know what is in the products that they eat or put on their skin. This heightened awareness is a brilliant opportunity for other eco-conscious creators.

Start your own skincare and cosmetics business using ingredients that are natural, chemical-free, eco-friendly and most importantly – good for the skin! 

How to start making herbal products at home?
  • Learn about different natural ingredients like herbs and their benefits.
  • Craft herbal products with organic ingredients.
  • Promote health benefits online and at wellness events.

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See how Wildberry Organics makes and sells completely organic skincare, hygiene and food items online with their Instamojo store. 

Wildberry organics

Handmade wedding decor

Elevate weddings with personalized decor featuring intricate floral arrangements and centrepieces showcasing unique Indian craftsmanship. 

Why choose it?

Wedding-related purchases and services are estimated at around INR 4.25 trillion, making it a promising business choice.

How to get started with wedding decor?
  • Offer customised wedding decor and favors.
  • Collaborate with planners or bridal expos.
  • Establish an online presence for orders with a good-looking portfolio 

Discover Decor Chidiya, an Instamojo store for insights on creating your own online store for handmade wedding decor.

Handmade craft business ideas
Decor Chidiya: Instamojo store

Calligraphy business

Provide personalized calligraphy for the invitations and signage, adding an elegant touch to the timeless beauty of Indian script.

How to start your own calligraphy business?
  • Master calligraphy through practice.
  • Offer event services with a signature style.
  • Market online and collaborate with event planners.

Discover Mr. Tank Calligraphy on Instamojo. Purchase unique creations and enrol in courses to enhance your proficiency.

Mr. Tank Calligraphy
Mr. Tank Calligraphy: Instamojo store

Essential oils

Explore the potency of nature through crafting handmade essential oils inspired by Indian botanicals. Offer conscious customers the choice of natural solutions for their enhanced well-being. 

How to start?
  • Study essential oil properties and benefits.
  • Use organic, high-quality ingredients.
  • Develop unique blends for aromatherapy or skin care.

For instance, Artzy Monkey on Instamojo provides a range of essential oil products.

Artzy Monkey
Artzy Monkey: Instamojo store

Bath bombs

A very interesting handmade craft business idea – bath bombs! Transform bath time with handcrafted bombs featuring soothing scents and skin-friendly ingredients for a luxurious self-indulgence.

How to make and sell bath bombs from home?
  • Explore scents, colours, and shapes.
  • Use skin-friendly ingredients and natural colouring.
  • Attractively package for gifting and market online and in stores.

Soap business

Craft fragrant handmade soaps with traditional Indian scents, offering a nourishing and culturally enriching alternative. Appeal to eco-conscious consumers seeking unique designs and natural ingredients. 

Why choose it?

India’s bath soap market was US$ 3,063.9 Million in 2023, expected to grow to US$ 4,994.7 Million by 2032, with a 5.58% CAGR from 2024 to 2032.

How to start?

  • Learn cold process or melt-and-pour soap-making. 
  • Be creative with soap ingredients. 
  • Offer diverse soaps and sell online/in-store

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Have a look at The Momittude Store, an enchanting Instamojo shop offering these delightful handmade soaps.

The Momittude Store
The Momittude Store: Instamojo store

How to choose a handmade craft business idea? 

If you are a creator or have a passion for handcrafts, you are going to be one of the two:

  1. You already know what kind of craft you really like creating, and where your passion lies
  2. You love handmade but you are not yet sure what to make and sell
If you are in the first category  – you already know what you want to do. But you need help in starting your eCommerce business selling that handmade craft online.

You can:

  1. Follow us on our social media to get quick tips or connect to other like-minded homegrown businesses
  2. Read our business growth blog to get comprehensive guides on selling online for eCommerce beginners
  3. Email us at content@instamojo.com so that we can let you know whenever we go host our educational webinars with a subject matter expert
If you are in the second category – then this blog is curated specially for you. You can choose from these ideas and experiment to see what fits your needs.

Here are some other factors that can help you lock down craft ideas:

  1. How unique can your handmade products be?
  2. Is there a target market or a niche that you can sell to?
  3. Will you be able to make durable products?
  4. Is the craft idea that you have chosen price-efficient for you?
  5. Can you sell these products online?
  6. Are the materials easy to source?
  7. How sustainable is the craft business?


FAQs by passionate creators 

1. What homemade craft sells the most?

Even though there are hundreds of handmade craft business ideas. Some ideas have the highest profit margin. These are Jewellery, bags, paintings, wedding decor and calligraphies.

2. Is a handmade craft business idea profitable?

Handmade craft businesses can be very profitable if you can reach your niche target audience. Build a community around your products and engage them with content and social media posts. Loyal customers will want to keep buying good quality and authentic products even if you increase your prices.

3. How do I start a handmade craft business?

Start your own handmade craft business by:

  1. Choosing the craft that you are in love with
  2. Crafting a business plan
  3. Launching with a small number of products to a close-knit community
  4. Increasing your product range after feedback
  5. Officially selling your products on your own online store

4. What crafts are trending for 2024?

Crafts that are trending in 2024 and can become very profitable are:

  1. Soap making
  2. Candle making
  3.  Handmade beauty products
  4. Tote bags
  5. Crochets

Build your handmade craft online store with Instamojo

Developing the potential of your handmade craft business is just a few clicks away with Instamojo. Also, enjoy the ease of building your online store and watch your creative ventures grow. 

With seamless transactions, robust features, and a user-friendly platform, Instamojo empowers you to showcase your unique creations to a wider audience. 

Take charge of your entrepreneurial journey, turn your passion into profit, and let Instamojo be your trusted partner in the exciting world of handmade crafts.

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