How to start a candle making business in India: Everything you need to know

how to start a candle making business in India
(Last Updated On: February 6, 2024)

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Get ready to ignite your entrepreneurial journey with our one-of-a-kind blog on how to start a candle-making business in India. And you can do this sitting at home! Calling all candle lovers with a burning desire to start their own business!

From crafting clear goals and curating a standout product line within your budget to illuminating your brand through social media and word-of-mouth marketing, we’ll discuss the path to success. So, grab your wicks and wax, and let’s illuminate the industry (see what we did there?) with your unique candle creations!

Is homemade candle-making profitable in India? 

Yes, crafting homemade candles can be a remarkably lucrative business idea.

With a low entry cost, the candle-making industry is projected to reach nearly $5 billion by 2026

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In terms of the Indian market, the candle-making industry demonstrated noteworthy growth, reaching INR 7.15 billion in 2020 and is projected to escalate to INR 13.38 billion by 2028. 

Here’s why more people are buying candles worldwide: 

  1. The pandemic forced people to make an effort on how their homes look
  2. There is an increased focus on family time and personal expression
  3. Candles fit the idea of ‘aestheticism’ and people adore it
  4. With a demand for things that are “Instagram worthy”, candles and candle-lit environments are trending

However, the key to success is carefully managing production costs, adopting a strategic pricing approach, and effectively tapping into the current market demand

Additionally, let’s look at some interesting insights into the candle-making industry in India over the past two years. Guess what? The trends are looking quite positive! It seems like there is a lot of potential and opportunities in this industry.

how to start a candle making business in India
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What is the profit margin per candle?

The profit margin expected from a candle-making business typically falls within 30% to 45%. This margin is calculated by factoring in various elements such as raw materials, production expenses, and overhead costs. 

Crafting homemade candles allows for a reasonable profit-margin, that helps entrepreneurs strike a balance between offering quality products and maintaining a profitable online business. 

However, it’s crucial for candle makers to carefully manage costs and implement effective pricing strategies to optimise their profit margins per candle.

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How much does it cost to start a candle-making business?

Knowing how to start a candle-making business in India also requires a deeper understanding of the different kinds of operational costs you generate when running a business. 

Typically, you can expect to invest around ₹1.5 lakhs to ₹1.10 lakhs, depending on the intricacies of your business plan. This includes expenses for raw materials, equipment, and initial operational costs. 

It’s important to have a clear financial framework in place to ensure a smooth entry into the thriving candle-making industry in India. 

The initial investment for a candle-making business includes:

  1. Wax
  2. Wicks
  3. Fragrances
  4. Basic packaging materials like glass jars, aluminium holders, custom clay holders etc. 

These costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand rupees! 

Then, you need to include the cost of the equipment that you would need to make these candles at scale!

You also need good and robust equipment to make candles that are of high quality. 

Equipment needed in a homemade candle-making business in India

To set up your own candle-making business at home, you’ll need to invest in some essential equipment. Here’s a comprehensive list to help you get started:

1. Wax melting pots

A wax melting pot is crucial for melting and pouring wax, and it’s advisable to choose one with a spout for precise pouring.

2. Moulds

Various moulds, such as silicone, metal, or plastic options, are necessary for shaping candles according to your design preferences. Beyond these, there are diverse designer moulds available for artistic candles, such as soy candles and numeric candles, with a good-quality mechanized candle-making machine starting at Rs. 60,000 in India. 

3. Wicks

Wicks, chosen in appropriate sizes and materials for the selected wax, are essential components, with pre-tabbed wicks making the candle-making process more straightforward.

4. Thermometers

Using a thermometer is essential for monitoring and controlling the wax temperature during the melting and pouring process to ensure consistency and quality in candle production.

5. Fragrance oils

Fragrance oils play a vital role in creating scented candles, and it’s important to select high-quality oils compatible with the chosen wax for optimal results.

6. Specific machinery

For manufacturing efficiency, various machines offer outputs ranging from 1800 to 300 items per hour.

Their  prices start at INR 20,000 for a manual candle manufacturing machine and approximately INR 40,000 for a machine with rapid cooling features

Alternatively, you can also connect to candle manufacturers in India and source candles from them. You can work with them to make the candles truly yours and then ensure that branding and packaging hits the mark! Here is a list of the top candle manufacturers in India.

It’s crucial to consider additional expenses like registration, permits, licensing, and marketing when estimating the overall cost of establishing a successful candle-making business.

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Types of candles you can sell online 

Here are some examples of candles that you can make at home and sell online easily!

how to start a candle making business in India

1. Beeswax candles

Made from natural beeswax, these candles have a warm glow, and a subtle honey-like scent, and are eco-friendly.

2. Jar candles

Poured into glass jars, jar candles are convenient and come in various sizes and designs, perfect for both decoration and practical use.

3. Pillar candles

Versatile and elegant, pillar candles are perfect for creating stunning arrangements or as standalone decorative pieces.

4. Scented candles

Infused with delightful fragrances, scented candles create a soothing ambience and fill the air with pleasant scents.

5. Tea light candles

Small and versatile, tea light candles add a warm and cosy atmosphere to any space or occasion.

6. Taper candles

Long and slender, taper candles add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any setting or dining table.

Mood Art by Kalyani, an Instamojo store, excels in offering a wide range of candles to cater to specific preferences. From Fall and Pillar candles to Scented and Jar candles, they provide a diverse selection to satisfy their customers’ needs.

Mood Art by Kalyani Instamojo Store
Mood Art by Kalyani

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A category of candles that does well in the Indian market is luxury candles.

What makes a candle luxury?

Luxury candles go beyond mere illumination; they embody a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary.

Several factors contribute to what makes a candle truly luxurious:

  • Premium ingredients: High-quality waxes and fragrances for a cleaner burn and sophisticated scent.
  • Exquisite design: Thoughtfully crafted vessels and elegant labels for a luxurious experience.
  • Exclusive fragrances: Carefully curated scents with complex notes for a unique olfactory experience.
  • Artistic collaborations: Partnerships with experts for added creativity and sophistication.

Here are some examples of homegrown candle-making brands that ooze luxurious vibes, but don’t necessarily break your bank. 

How to start a candle-making business in India: The steps needed 

  1. Develop a business plan
  2. Create a unique selling proposition for your candles
  3. Check out the legal requirements for selling homemade candles
  4. Set up an online store to show your candle catalogue
  5. Apply the 84-guideline
  6. Start marketing to get new customers to your candle store

Develop a business plan

Launching a successful candle business in India requires careful planning, setting clear goals, and defining your product line within a budget. 

Clear goals provide direction and purpose, while a well-defined product line ensures financial sustainability. By making informed decisions and allocating resources wisely, you can contribute to the growth and success of your venture. 

Let’s outline the process of planning your business:


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Stay focused, motivated, and mindful of your budget to build a strong foundation for your candle business.

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Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your candles 

This is one of the most important steps in knowing how to start a candle-making business in India. If you want your candle business to stand out in the market, your brand needs to have a unique selling proposition.

  • Consider using eco-friendly materials for your candles. This not only shows your commitment to the environment but also appeals to customers who prioritize sustainability. 
  • Offering personalized options can make a difference. By tailoring your candles to the individual preferences of your customers, you create a memorable and distinctive brand experience. Instamojo now lets you offer customised products with the help of custom fields.

Introducing a fresh concept that can elevate your candle business to new levels

Boho Ivy, an Instamojo online store, presents the idea of handprinted candles, offering a variety of unique designs to their customers. This innovative approach sets them apart in the industry.

Boho Ivy: Instamojo online store
Boho Ivy

Build an online presence

Setting up an online presence is crucial for your candle business. Offer customized options by creating a free online store at Instamojo with free domains, and can attract more customers

Set up your online store FREE

Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  1. Sign up for free and start your online store
  2. Choose from 15+ themes to make your brand stand out
  3. Upload high-quality photographs of your products
  4. Write enticing product descriptions 
  5. Set up shipping
  6. Set up your preferred payment modes
  7. Start promoting your products
  8. Make your first sale!

Here is an example of an Instamojo candle store: Scintilla Candles. It creates unique, high-quality beeswax candles.

The handcrafted by skilled artisans and the environmentally friendly candles purify the air, have long burn times, and are non-toxic. 

Scintilla Candles Instamojo store
Scintilla Candles


Legal requirements for selling homemade candles in India 

Starting a candle-making business in India is an exciting journey, but it’s vital to navigate the legal parameters. Understanding and complying with the legal requirements ensures a successful and lawful business, promoting both customer trust and safety.

Hence, the necessary licence for operating a candle-making business in India includes:

  1. Company registration
  2. MSME registration
  3. GST registration
  4. NOC by State Pollution Control Board
  5. Trade licence

In addition, take a look at these legal tips to safeguard your candle business.


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Start small 

Before you start expanding your candle business and scaling up production, it’s essential to test your products with a small audience. You can proceed with the 84 rule of selling candles (we will discuss this in detail.)

This way, you can gather feedback and insights from real customers, which will help you make necessary improvements and ensure customer satisfaction. 

What is the 84 rule for candles?

The selection of your preferred wax depends on your envisioned use and pouring method for the candles, whether they are free-standing or container candles. 

Once you’ve decided on your wax type, Armatage Candle Company suggests that newcomers embrace the 84-candle guideline. Read the full guidelines here. 

Crafting 84 candles allows you to hone your skills in candle making. Subsequently, distribute all of them, gather feedback, and glean valuable insights for your continuous learning in the craft.

Utilize free marketing channels

When starting your candle-making business, don’t forget about the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Get your friends and family involved and let them become your enthusiastic advocates by posting reviews on your product pages. 

By sharing their positive experiences with your candles, they can help spread the word and generate organic buzz, attracting more customers to your business. 

Social media platforms are also game-changers for promoting your candles, allowing you to showcase your products to a wider target audience and engage with potential customers. 

Take a look at these marketing hacks to enhance your reach:


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Light it up: Start a candle online store with Instamojo

Ready to take your candle-making business to the next level? Look no further than Instamojo! With Instamojo, you can easily create your online store and showcase your beautiful candle creations to a global audience. 

From scented candles to decorative pillars, you can customize your store and offer a wide range of options to attract customers. With Instamojo’s user-friendly platform and free domain options, setting up your online store has never been easier. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your reach and grow your candle business with Instamojo.

Start your candle-making business

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